Your Gift Was Your Prison



   I am currently seeking out new RP for Beleger, the following is a general idea of what I’m looking for.  If your character doesn’t fit one of these roles, it doesn’t mean I will refuse the rp, or that I will automatically accept because the character does.  This is just my preferences.

Friends/Associates/Antagonists. - Beleger doesn’t know many people.  I would love for him to make a casual friend or two, perhaps meet other mages, and maybe even gain somewhat of an enemy.

Servant/Caretaker.  I am looking for a female human or human-like character (elves, nekos and fae and so forth are fine as well)  I do have a mild preference for this being a slave he purchases, but it doesn’t have to be.  If you are looking for very strict, cruel or BDSM scenarios for your slave then best look elsewhere.  I am not against these types of rp, it just doesn’t fit the character.

Possible romantic interest.  This isn’t a strong drive, but perhaps something I would like to develop later on.  This can be separate from the caretaker role, or the caretaker role can possibly grow into this.  I try to play Beleger’s emotions and reactions true to the character.  I won’t ‘set him up’ to just fall for someone else’s character.