Your Gift Was Your Prison


 This is more to give you a general idea of my style, and what I might be looking for, as well as a few things that just won't fly with me.


I am a para rper.  Sometimes I semi-para, sometimes I multi, but I tend to average around one full screen on the smallest font.  Try to give me at least 6+ lines.  I understand that sometimes you have a blank out, or a full post isnt needed for something simple, like a transition or exit post, but try to put some effort behind the rp.

Spelling/grammar  Mine sucks sometimes, I don't mind if yours does, so long as I don't feel like I'm reading something a hyperactive half blind eight year old typed.  If you are the sort of person that gets bent out of shape over one or two small errors in a two para post, then go role play with some english majors.

Short term or long term, either is fine.  I don't like to jump right into a long term rp.  If the rp is good and schedules match up, then short terms tend to turn into long terms.

If we end up in a long term, please give me a heads up if you are going to be gone for an extended period of time.  This can be as simple as an offline msg (the new Pounce makes this a lot easier.) or I am willing to give out my email and messenger contact info.  I understand that their are times when it is just not possible, and RL comes first, but I would greatly appricate at least a quick 'Sorry I can't be on for a couple weeks'  If I am given a heads up, I am fine with pausing an rp for a bit, or coming up with an easy rp reason why the other wasn't around.   If I know know why you have vanished, after a while my character will just consider them missing and move on.

 Also if we are going to be in a long term rp, please try to be avalible at least twice a week.  I will do the same.  If not, I would prefer our characters only rp as occasional encounters/short term.

I tend to prefer fantasy or medieval setting rp.  I am not all that interested in modern setting or sci-fi.  I may make an exception to this, but typically I stick to characters that fit Beleger’s setting.

I don’t have anything against furry characters, or I wouldn’t be on furcadia.  I do play some furre characters, but I also enjoy my human or human-ish ones.  I will rp with furre characters, but I do have a preference for non furres when rping a non furre.

Beleger is a mage, Magic users are a favorite of mine for my own rp.  However, don’t write me off as a godmoder because I enjoy playing mages.  Beleger has some amazing gifts, but I have given him limitations as well, and I will not god mode your character.

In return, I do not mind rping with characters with amazing abilites. However there needs to be some sort of balance to it.  If your character is some super powerful magic user, a master of a dozen fighting skills, carries some legendary weapon, and can instantly heal, expect me to decline the rp.

Give me a heads up before you try to do something major, that would alter the character or their situation in a significant manner.  An example would be, capturing Beleger, or causing some serious long term injury.  I will do the same.

I do not yiff, I do not do random ‘scenes’ If sex happens, then it happens through the rp, and because of the interactions of the characters.  Sexual rps are not my focus, storytelling and interacting with others and their stories is.

This one is quite important.  Have fun!  If you aren’t enjoying the rp, let me know, maybe we can work something out from there.  I am willing to discuss possible rp plots to make things more interesting and detailed.