Your Gift Was Your Prison





Name: Beleger

Age: 322

Apparent Age: Around 25-30

Race: Half Elf, Half Human

Height 6'0

Weight 150 lbs

Build: Lean, not quite slender, slightly toned.

Hair: Silvery, chin length

Eyes: Grey

Skin: Slightly fair

Occupation: Wanderer, No longer being held captive, Mage and scholar

 Full Description


He would be considered handsome by most standards, perhaps even slightly pretty.  He was an even six foot tall, and fairly average in build, perhaps a bit slender looking, with only a bit of muscle tone to him.  His skin was a bit on the fair side, although not ghastly so.  He looked like someone who spent a great deal of time indoors. 

  High cheekbones and fine features hinted at his elven heritage, a more obvious clue of his mixed blood was the slightly pointed ears peeking out from his silvery hair.  His hair reached to about shoulder length, and was often slightly rumpled looking.  His eyes were a soft grey, almost looking bluish at times.  He was difficult to put an age to, looking perhaps mid twenties to early thirties. 

  His skin was smooth, no body hair or facial hair, a trait inherited from his elven side.  The clothing he wore was rather plain and mundane looking. Tunics of  earthy or neutral shades, and sometimes dark blue, and usually plain brown cotton pants.  His leather boots were suited well for travel, lacing to mid calf, and had most certainly seen many a mile, oddly enough.  A belt at his waist held a few simple pouches, and he often carried a small leather pack, and even more often a book or two. 

 These books were almost always heavy and ancient looking tomes, with parchment pages.  The writing, was almost never in common, instead obscure runic languages and complex sigils.

 There was a sort of awkwardness to the man quite often.  Usually quiet, he tended to keep to himself a lot.   He tended to fumble through conversations, and was often very blunt and factual, many a time saying completely the ‘wrong thing’  Full of odd little quirks and habits, he seemed even more awkward and out of sorts in the presence of women.

Despite being quite lacking in social skills, he seemed friendly enough usually, and seemed to more or less mean well. In fact, it did not seem as though there was a malicious or aggressive bone in his body.  Wise in some ways, and quite innocent and naive in others, he was an enigma to many.